For 2019-2020

     We are now finalizing our production process for the first Tour of the Kid's Bible Clubhouse (LIVE EVENTS). The first tour will be called The Auxilium Adolescentia Tour, which will feature five (5) contests, that run at the same time, during the 3-day weekend events. The shows will take place at Major Malls in the State of Florida and run Friday-Sunday corresponding with mall hours. The first contests will be eight (8) mini dance contests for kids 8-12 years old, and three (3) teen dance contest for teenagers 13-17. The dance contest schedule will be posted at the event.  There's a $15 dollar admission fee for kids and a $20 dollar admission fee for teenagers. The first place prize for the kids dance contest will be ($100. visa card), second place prize a (gift), per contest. The first place winner in the teenagers' contest will receive ($200. visa card), and a second place will receive a ($ card).

     Our second (2nd) contest is a raffle for $2000. Dollars. Offered by ( Phase-V-Phive Promoductions ). They will be drawing on the third day of the event. Tickets can be purchased online at our sister site and at the event. The two ($2.) Dollar Tickets can only be purchased at the Live Event. They will also have packages of $10. $20. $30. $40 Dollars and VIP Tickets at the events. These packages provide extra free tickets and extra incentives. One of the incentives gives you the opportunity to enter into the third (3rd) contest, which is called the  Honolulu Blue Vacation Sweepstakes (HBVS). WIN a Hawaiian Vacation Trip to Honolulu, Hawaii for five days/four nights, for (4) persons. (Sweepstakes drawing on 7/31/2020) Receive one (1) (HBVS) entry for every $10. Dollars you spend at the LIVE EVENT or Online. Online purchases are sold in $20.dollar increments. To purchase the online tickets go to our sister site at  Click menu and click on the STORE tab. There you will find our donation platform, teddy bears, and contest entries. For multiple amounts, please adjust your increments at the PayPal check-out window.

     In our (4th) contest everyone is invited to participate in a free Mini Survey and enter into Ztegrity's $100. dollar monthly giveaway. One winner per month. ($100. dollars each month).

    Our (5th) contest provides you with the opportunity to send your kid to camp. Enter to win a Summer-Camp Trip for your kid(s), just donate ($2.) to the SEND A KID TO SUMMER CAMP CONTEST. (Adult permission required),(10 winners, drawing on 6/30/2020). The ($2.) dollar tickets entries are UNLIMITED! You can purchase extra ($2.) ticket on this site in increments of one or more. Need 20 tickets, just click the button 20 times or select from several packages in the Store Tab.

     All 18 and older or accompanying adult participants receive a FREE $200. dollar Travel Gift Card from Goodlife USA. Good for Travel, Vacations, Resorts, Cruises, Online shopping, Insurance and much much more  . . . . .

All GRAND PRIZE WINNERS will be announced on this website.

All proceeds from the Dance Contests, Teddy bears, Candy, Baloon Man, items sold and Raffle participation through KBC go to the Kids Bible

All Children participating, must be accompanied by an adult.

Both GBSF Promotions & Kids Bible have a No return, no refund policy. Please make sure you order responsibly and correctly.

For Phase-V-Phive Live Event schedule please visit their website at

Thank you, for your interest and God Bless!

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